Fragged Academy

Session Two point Five: Opal vs Diamond!

Before the Match—

Opal Squad discuss tactics and how to go about things.

There is a knock on the door, and Evian Franklin has stopped by to greet them and wish them luck. She smiles like a shark and pleasantly points out how she finds Toyota‘s skin markings strange. She soon leaves after her ’well wishes’.
The Squad suspect something is up, so they search the room. It turns out she places a listening device on the outside of their door, they then have a conversation of bogus information to throw Diamond off.
Arthur Glamour decides to spy on them by crawling through the air ducts. Whilst he is scuttling through, he spots the back of Ghaluzo also using the airducts, coming from the direction of the Ruby Squad quarters…
After returning, the squad head off so Arthur could report what he saw.

Game On!—

Arthur deploys smoke grenades (yielding mixed results), but stealth is still not possible due to Qehtah’s Multispectral Visor

Evian’s prototype gun (named ‘Ambition’) seems to be launching Ion globes that explode upon impact. She shores herself up behind crates, sealing her cover with her burst shield.

Whilst Evian seems to be the Squad leader, Qehtah is observed to be supplying tactical advice to the team, raising his threat priority. The ‘pacifist’ certainly does not object to his squad mates causing harm, he also carries aerosol sedatives with his medkit.

Pepsi Reagan’s Drones seem quite formidable, but due to a tactical blunder, all three swarms are disabled as they surrounded Arthur and are blasted by his explosive shield nodes.

Perhaps due to some unknown grudge, Ish makes attacking Qehtah a priority, in a shot of extreme skill (or luck) Ish takes Qehtah out with one perfectly aimed headshot.

Toyota manoeuvres around the back, sending her drone swarm ahead. The smoke and chaos making it hard for her to lock on with her combat computer.

Versace stays back, lining up shots from his puncture rifle with calm discipline.

Erien advances and returns fire at Evian with his Faren blasts, but she is too protected to gain a solid hit.

With Arthur and Erien close together, Evian finds it more effective to blast the floor between them, catching them in her Ion explosions.

Pepsi is able to lock-on to Toyota’s drone, allowing Versace to disable the swarm with worrying efficiency

Arthur moves onto Pepsi, as even though he is unseen, Evian’s blast radius is proving too hazardous.

Evian begins to show her ruthless ambition, targeting Pepsi, knowing that she will harm Arthur in the process, but perhaps cause more harm to Pepsi.

She cements it as Arthur changed target to Versace she continued to assault her own squad, as long as it might yield victory over the Opal Squad’s Kaltoran. Arthur eventually falls under the relentless Ion explosions.

With Arthur gone, the smoke is proving more of a hindrance than a tactical advantage, so Toyota sets out to find the vent control panel, to clear the haze from the battlefield.

Ish sends their bio-drone to distract Versace, but he seems to know that the creature is harmless, despite Opal’s planted mis-information.

The Vents whirr to life and the smoke is cleared away, taking the moment, Erien fires two Faren-blasts into Versace’s chest and throat, putting down the formidable student.

Seeing his Squad so disabled, Pepsi steps out of cover and surrenders. To say Evian is displeased would be an understatement…

Victory for Opal! Unconscious students are taken to Medbay. Evian is furious, but congratulates Opal on their win.

After the Fray—

With Arthur in Medbay, the rest of the squad return to their Dorm, upon entering, Erien notices, a geode from his personal rock collection is missing….
Ish observes that the vent shaft has been accessed after Arthur’s previous scout…

Stay tuned for Session Three!!!



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