Fragged Academy

Session One: O-Week!

The new students arrive to the academy!

They are greeted by Ms Visa Kardashian and given a tour of the facility.
(Features include the School Marketplace, the Synthetic Gardens, Class rooms, Laboratories and Combat Dojos.)
Ms Visa also reveals that they will be grouped by her personal patented psychological algorithm that will ensure maximum ‘results’.

Mr Fendi Hilton takes Decimus Aelus, Hepzibah and Disney Murdoch on their own tour elsewhere.

Erien reveals that he has no last name because he is considered “culturally dead” to his family, Ish and Arthur struggle to relate to each other due to racial pressures. Toyota Jackson offers to assist the others in understanding Corp lifestyle.

The Squad meet the Turnbull Twins, they reveal they are from Alabaster One. This means things to Toyota.

The Squad attend the Assembly, where Mistress Exxon Stein offers them her ‘Business Mission’ and expresses that each student is a personal investment of hers.

The students move on to dinner, where tables show that cliques are beginning to form:


Keyana Ley-Walker confronts Erian, but upon learning that he has no last name, she still publicly accepts him.
Hanabi_8530 cloaks and stealths to listen in on the PC’s conversation. She then reveals herself and offers some Palantor philosophy.

Session ends with Arthur being called to the infirmary by Dr Pandora


Cafeteria lunch rooms on massive Academy space stations have never needed a battlemat more.

Toyota and Erien scheme for great victory and access to the jelly

Session One: O-Week!

eeeeee battle map. I’m already so fond of some of these NPCs. Sweet Hana-bb

Session One: O-Week!

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