Fragged Academy

Session 6: Love thy neighbour

- Toyota expresses concerns to Mr Ichabod Fleek about how the squad is disadvantaged by losing Arthur, so they are set up with Job Totes to act as a guide for the squad in the hazardous perils of Mishpacha.
- Job helps them navigate the jungle to the Sycorax Outpost, Toyota and Job sneak ahead to perform recon.
- Job offers to build a trap to catch a patrolling Kaltoran. Job has never made a trap before in his life and his trap is terrible.
- After some corrections, the trap is successful! The patroller is apprehended and Ish studies the captive. It is discovered that there are traces of fungal spores in her nostrils. As the squad debates whether they should take the captive back to Prospero for more detailed study, the encampment is surrounded and outnumbered by the Sycorax residents.
- The squad is captured and disarmed (mostly) and placed in holding cells within the Outpost.
- Ish overhears the residents speaking to each other in Primal Xion, they also appear to be acting in some sort of hive mind.
- Toyota overrides the containment system of her cell and is able to free Job too, they sneak around the room to hack the other cells and retrieve their weapons.
- As the students break free, the Kaltorans open fire, forcing the students to retreat further into the facility, they come upon the research centre where huge fungal growths are attached to the wall, “feeding” a Kaltoran who is inhaling the spores.
- After some combat, Erien leveled two energy blasts into the centre of the growth, dispatching the fungal creature, Toyota accesses the security feeds and discovers there is greater growth in the main Laboratory. Three Kaltorans were trapped in the growths, the fungus piercing their flesh and bone as they were being changed into something… else.
- Ish begins negotiations in broken Primal Xion, acting as a distraction, whilst Toyota sneaks into the ducts above the Lab to start an electrical fire. Erien notices however, during negotiations, the fungal cluster is summoning lesser fungal growths to surround the intruding students.
- In an effort to align the correct wires to ignite and fuel the flame, Toyota’s shoe gets tangled in the wires, dislodging a structural brace in the duct, causing it to dislodge, hanging perilously over the fungal cluster.
- “BETRAYAL!” shrieks the fungal beast! The fungal servitors begin to attack, Erien and Job fending them off as Toyota struggles to survive and start the fire.
- Crisis does not show mercy to Toyota as she continues to hang on for dear life, but is unable to start the electrical reaction. She abandons her shoe to escape the duct and the rising spore cloud from the fungal cluster.
- Dispatching his fungal beast, Job is able to crawl into the ducts, using his mechanical training to finish the job Toyota started.
The fire is started and the fungal cluster screams through the three mouths of its captive -
- Kaltorans as it dies. The remaining Kaltorans in the Outpost collapse; suddenly released from their hive mind control.
- In the aftermath, Toyota negotiates a very generous reward, having saved many lives of the remaining Kaltorans of Sycorax Outpost. +2 Resources! And their competency is becoming more known. +1 Influence!



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