Fragged Academy

Session 5: Destination – Mishpacha

- The students board the Babel Transport vessel for the four day journey to the jungle planet.
- Sleeping hierarchies are re-established with the upper deck and lower deck sleeping arrangements.
- Pepsi is found in the lower decks, ferrying messages for Evian to Toyota and others. When questioned why he allows her to boss him around, he insists it’s easier this way. He refuses to pass a message for Ish.
- Qetah visits Ish, and they chat in High Xion. The sound is quite unpleasant, especially to Arthur.
- Squads begin to be called by teaching staff, to be briefed on their planet-side missions. The squads, missions and teachers are as follows:

  • Opal – Ichabod Fleek – Kaltoran Outpost has gone silent and aggressive. Request for investigation and assistance.
  • Diamond – Visa Kardashian – Wild Nephilm hunt. Combat and tracking intensive mission.
  • Ruby – Shondassa Babel – Disabling a fort/trading hub operated by Corp pirates and disgraced Legion. Recon and Sabotage mission.
  • Emerald – Revlon Bettencourt – Diplomacy to ensure contractual relationship with non-Corp trading group based on Mishpacha. Business and Diplomacy.
  • Sapphire – Fendi Hilton – Enter a wild Nephilm nest and steal an egg sac. Stealth with minimal combat.
    - Being the only native to Mishpacha in the school, the students question Ghaluzo on what the jungle planet is like. He informs them that the planet was aggressively terraformed in the Great War by the invading Nephilm, so the flora and fauna are designed to end sentient life. This has been moderately successful, but the value of natural resources on the planet has skyrocketed as a result.
    - Squads are sent to shuttles, as the missions are spread across the continent. Erien requests permission to pilot the shuttle, much to Ish’s dismay. Mr Fleek allows it after he pilots the vessel out of the hangar bay. Erien shows himself to be a very competent pilot, entering atmosphere and landing the craft deftly.
    - In the Kaltoran Outpost of Prospero, one of the colonists has dire news for Arthur. His family has been slaughtered and his presence is requested back on Kadash. The message was a few weeks old as the Babel Academy was refusing to pass it on when he was upon the station. He leaves in the dark of night, leaving only a message to his squad.
    - Ichabod Fleek is furious, both at Mistress Exxon for concealing the message, and at Prospero for hiding their intentions.



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