Fragged Academy

Session 4: Now a word from our sponsors...

- Class schedule is up! A week or two passes and quickly establishes hierarchies among the separate subjects of those who outperform their peers.
- Ish is enraged at the Academy’s lack of regard for the discipline of BioTech.
- During a cafeteria break, Ms Esther Yolo is handing around free cans of Draz™. The majority of the student population accept the strange beverage (Toyota refuses, seeming to know a bit more than the others). In less than an hour, the effect begin to show…
- The student base become very stimulated, an impromptu party is called in the cafeteria.
- Evian contacts the Opal squad, she is somewhat dishevelled and has been working on a ‘project’, it appears to be a hideous scrap book page, placing Evian in amongst Opal squad in a prominent (and larger) position. Garish stickers and digital print effects adorn the borders of the picture.
- On the way to the party, Evian and Erien sneak away to have a torrid Draz fuelled tryst.
- Ish and Hepzibah perform a strange ‘dance’ they learned from the birthing tubes of Eden.
- It is discovered that the Academy will be embarking on their first excursion to a secret location…



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