Fragged Academy

Session 3: Missing Mementos

- Hospital – Ish steals a flashlight as a present, Quetah requests to ‘commune’ with Ish in the future.
- Juicy does recon through the air vents and discovers Diamond squad have had a theft too.
- Messages are sent to Ruby and Emerald and they also had things stolen during their combat missions.
- Sapphire become suspects.
- Toyota tries to hack Sapphire’s dorm terminal, and finds it heavily guarded by Hanabi’s software.
- Toyota requests Ms Revlon Bettencourt show them the security footage but she says she cannot. She implies that there is more to the situation than there seems.
- Opal meet with Ruby to theorise who did it and why.
- Toyota meets with Ms Visa Kardashian and she seems very pleased that Opal are looking into the matter.
- The squad split to investigate the storage lockers that could contain the stolen goods and to the computer labs, where Toyota could hack into the security footage.
- Toyota and Ish discover it is indeed Sapphire squad, each member stealing something symbolic of the rival team. Erien and Arthur find that only one storage unit is being used, paid for by Bentley Turnbull.
- Returning the belongings to the other teams, Opal are regarded as a force for justice by the other students (+1 Influence!)



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